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We care for our clients

The Company aims to deliver the best quality goods to its customers. The Company’s policy is to ensure timeliness of deliveries, diligence and direct dialogue. The Company always pays on time and delivers the goods on time. It is also competitive in terms of service quality.


The two basic products – copper and silver – are characterised by their extremely stable, high quality. Cathodes contain 99.99% pure Cu at a minimum. Apart from these, KGHM also produces copper wire rod, sprues and wires from anaerobic copper. Cathodes are registered in the highest quality range “A” on Metal Exchanges in London and Shanghai. Silver containing over 99.99% Ag is produced in the form of bars and granulates. The quality is confirmed by global exchange certificates. Silver is registered and has “Good Delivery” certificates issued by exchanges in London (LBMA) and Dubai, and is registered on the New York Nymex exchange.

In respect of product liability, a groundbreaking event for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. was taking over the trade in copper and derivative products from foreign trade central offices in 1991 and centralising sales within the Company itself. Thus the building of a long-term strategy started which enabled the Company to enter new sales markets and at the same time to gain experience both in trading and in production and organisation.

In consequence of the high expectations of partners, the Company expanded its product mix by silver and lead in metallic form, rhenium and anaerobic wire. The Company was also forced to apply international standards and – as a consequence – to register trademarks for cathode copper (HMGB, HMGS, HML) outside London, also on the Shanghai exchange (the registration on LME took place earlier) and silver (KGHM HG) on international exchanges (LBMA, Dubai and Nymex).



High requirements relating to the quality of the products and protection of the natural environment led to implementing ISO standards in the smelting divisions. Currently the standards operate as an integrated quality management system and cover: product quality, safety at work and natural environment management. One of the goals of the system is to meet client expectations as to the transparency of service behaviours, and maintain a high quality of production and products. The ISO standards provide for client audits directly at the production plants which translates into confidence granted to the Company by its cooperating entities.

“We listen, respond immediately and react to needs”.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. pays great attention to building direct relationships with clients. To that end the Company’s structure was designed to ensure that all information reaching every employee is quickly transferred to the Company’s remaining organisational structures. The motto in dealing with counterparties is: “We listen, respond immediately and react to needs”.

Enabling clients to acquaint themselves with the whole process line from mines to smelters is also of major importance. In this way the Company shows that it approaches the issue of product quality, production volume and modern production solutions in an open and transparent manner. This in turn contributes to counterparty loyalty and builds awareness that KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is a socially responsible company.

The Company actively participates in industry meetings of international organisations and in fairs, conferences and seminars, thanks to which is acquires knowledge about the market. International market participants can see the major role played by CSR in trade relations both on the part of clients and competitors.

To maintain good relationships with clients and the business environment, the Company organises annual meetings with Polish and foreign clients (including promotional meetings during the London Metal Exchange (LME) Week in London). At the same time, the Company would like to be perceived as a firm which cultivates and cares for the traditions that are related to the region and the industry; therefore, it invites clients to participate in industry celebration events organised by the enterprise, i.e. the Miners’ Day and Metallurgist’s Day.

All these activities are aimed at building firm relations with the Company’s partners and with the market, consolidating the Company’s positive image and good, long-term cooperation. They also contribute to strengthening the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. brand and its products in Poland and globally.


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