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Corporate governance principles


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is managed in accordance with corporate governance principles and business ethics. The Company, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, makes every efforts to abide by the principles of corporate governance as specified in the “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies” document in its everyday operations, and to comply with best practices of listed companies at each stage of its operations, and with the recommendations addressed to management boards, supervisory boards and shareholders.


Best practices constitute a set of corporate governance principles and relationships between listed companies and their environment. They are an important instrument aimed at strengthening market competitiveness. These principles, in consultation with issuers and investors, are developed and modified by the Warsaw Stock Exchange; they were published in writing for the first time in 2002. The “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies” helps improve the transparency of companies listed on the Warsaw exchange, enhance communication between companies and investors, and reinforce protection of the latters’ rights.


Key company information is transferred to:An amended corporate governance policy has been in force since 1 January 2012, included in the “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies”. The Company tries to apply all the recommended policies recognising that they increase shareholder value. To pursue a transparent and effective information policy ensuring that all the stakeholders have fast and safe access to information, the Company – to the widest possible extent – uses both traditional and modern company information transfer technologies (recommendation I.1 of the “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies”).

In accordance with the best practices recommendations, the Company prepares and publishes current and periodical reports in two language versions on its websites. The following are also available in the service: the calendar of key events (investor’s calendar), information on the dividend policy, financial information, exchange quotations and the current composition of the Management and Supervisory Boards, the Group structure and the currently pursued strategy.

In its information policy, the only information the Company has not as yet decided to publish are direct transmissions from the General Shareholders’ Meetings. However, the Meetings are always registered and published immediately, after the end of the meeting, on the website in two language versions – Polish and English. They are available in the section Investors zone / Transmissions.

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